Baby Blankets


Baby Blanket

Baby blankets can become beautiful warm nests for your baby. After all, a baby blanket is the first thing newborns wrap themselves with as soon as they get out of mom’s belly.

As is the case with all kinds of bed accessories, Bebe Home has a large selection of baby blankets. Parents can choose from dozens of sizes, materials and designs. The most common blanket type is the so-called knitted blanket, which has just the right size for a baby.

Usually a baby blanket has a dense cotton, pique, fleece or velvet texture. Some designs also have stitched fur edges or use a different kind of fabric at each side. So, they are actually two baby blankets in one.

Is winter coming? Do you want to prepare your baby’s warm nest? Bebe Home has over 25 baby blankets for his/her bed. Shop now and take advantage of the variety of payment options our store offers.