More Than 200 Baby Toys
Toys: something that no child can resist. Kids toys are a unique way for your precious one to develop his/her personality and abilities while having fun at the same time. That’s why toys are available in a huge variety today.

It is up to each parent to decide which toy is appropriate for their child’s personality. If your child loves moving around, a baby bike, a walking toy or a baby activity mat will make him/her really happy! On the contrary, if the child is inclined to more intellectual activities, why not buy him/her some puzzles, quiz games or educational toys?
Stuffed Baby toys at low prices
Does your child have problems with sleeping? A white noise stuffed toy can solve them. White noise has scientifically proven to facilitate sleep of young children. This happens because it resembles the sounds the baby was hearing while in the mother’s womb.

Looking for girl toys or boys toys? Bebe Home has over 100 different choices for all tastes. Make your purchases now and receive your order in only a few days.