Baby transport & travel

Your child is growing up and wants to explore the world so much! Unfortunately, his/her legs are not yet as ready. It doesn’t matter.That’s what baby strollers, baby car seats and baby carriers are for!

You can find thousands of strollers on the market. Each parent must take into account the child’s weight, age, needs and how often the stroller will be used. Easily folding lightweight prams, for example, are ideal for everyday use or travelling. But a heavier and “one-piece” baby carriage will be more robust, and therefore safer for the tiny passenger.

What about a ride by car? Then you will need a good car seat for toddlers. Be sure to choose an infant car seat that is appropriate for his/her weight. Otherwise, comfort and, above all, safety will be compromised. A very practical solution are the so-called 3-in-1 strollers, as they are easily transformed into a car seat or a carrycot. So, the baby adapts to only one environment, whether carried by pram, car or by hand.

If you want to have direct contact with your baby, a perfect solution has been imported from Africa and is called ‘‘baby carrier’’. It looks like a pouch similar to those of kangaroos. There are baby carriers for the front and the back. Choose the type that suits you best and doesn’t burden you.

Bebe Home has a wide variety of baby carriages, baby car seats and baby carriers of well-known brands. All of our products are manufactured under the strictest standards.

Additionally, you can find accessories such as bases, adapters, toys and cups for the stroller or seat of your choice. In this way you will make his/her transport an ideal experience!