Baby Car Seat Base


Baby Car Seat Base

The base of an infant car seat is a very important component, since it guarantees the child’s stability while travelling. If a base is not well placed, the child will be at risk as the seat may tip over during a sharp turn or braking.

Currently there are two types of baby seat bases available on the market: the old-style bases that are secured with the seatbelts of the car and the Isofix bases.

The Isofix bases snap onto special buckles that are pre-installed to the rear seat. What does this mean? That the infant car seat will be placed easily and, above all, correctly. In the past it was usual for parents to install the seat wrongly, as they didn’t know hot to tie it with the seatbelts. Obviously this had a negative impact on the child’s safety.

Isofix base

The Isofix system is mandatory for all cars built after the mid 2000s onwards. However, even some older car models support Isofix bases.

Bebe Home sells bases for some of the most popular baby car seats. If your old base is broken or your new seat doesn’t come with one, place your order now. We will send you the base of your choice directly at your region in only a few days.