Bugaboo Baby Strollers And Accessories

“We want to help you move freely”. This is the motto of Bugaboo, a Dutch baby products company. And they have been doing so since 1999.

The company is particularly renowned not only for its suitcases, but also for its ergonomic pushchairs. High durability, innovative design and flexibility are the main advantages of their products, all of which are based on the latest advances in engineering.

With a Bugaboo stroller, you can provide your child with long and comfortable walks without getting tired. Also, you won’t have to replace the pram if a part fails. All baby strollers of this particular company consist of many individual components that can easily repaired.

Bugaboo’s main series of pushchairs are Fox, Cameleon, Donkey, Bee and Runner. Each series is addressed to a slightly different target group and has its own advantages. Bugaboo Fox strollers offer increased comfort and robustness on the road without being heavy. Bugaboo Cameleon offers dozens of customization options for the wheels and the cot. Bugaboo Donkey models can easily be converted from single to double strollers in case your family gets bigger. Bugaboo Bee is mainly aimed at parents who move around in the city. Finally, the Bugaboo Runner series is perfect for active parents who want to go out for jogging along with their children.

All the successful prams of the Dutch company are available for sale at Bebe Home. Browse our online store and check out their features. If you have any other questions, please contact us. A whole world of exploration awaits your child. Don’t let him/her wait!