Carrycots and Baby Baskets

The carrycot or the baby basket are probably where your child will spend much of his/her life for at least one year since birth. Actually they are a portable baby bed that you can take with you everywhere.

Baby baskets and carrycots on the market are made of non-toxic materials such as wicker and cotton. Most of them come with a soft mattress, a blanket and a detachable canopy for sun and rain protection. Some are sold as a set with a base to attach onto.

Although used for sleeping, there are also some carrycot models that can be easily transformed into a baby car seat. Normally, these models are manufactured by big international companies and are compatible with their flagship strollers.

As you have understood, carrycots today are much more than just a simple baby basket. Thus, you should carefully choose the one that best suits your baby’s needs. The rest can be done by us! Bebe Home will undertake shipping your new carrycot in just a few days.