Stroller Seat Liner

Stroller seat liners, also known as stroller mattresses, can really help your baby feel comfortable during a walk outside. In addition, they can be used to change the look of the baby stroller easily.

These seat liners are made of cool, anti-allergic and very soft materials (for instance, bamboo fibers), which can be washed in the washing machine and are easy to fold. It is common for a stroller liner to use a different material for each side, a “winter” and a “summer” one. The winter surface has a fleece lining to warm up the child, while the summer one is cooler. More complex liner designs have extra comforts such as detachable pads for the child’s head and feet.

At Bebe Home you can find liners for some of the most popular stroller models on the market. All available designs have vibrant colors and comply with the highest standards of comfort or safety. They can even be combined with one of the stroller footmuffs we offer you at our e-shop. Just continue browsing to see all the available designs.