Stroller Umbrellas

Careful exposure to the sun can have positive effects in adults. However, the same doesn’t apply to babies, who must be completely protected from sunlight. Since sunscreens are not recommended for infants, you should rely on stroller umbrellas.

Especially in sunny countries like Italy, Spain or Greece, a stroller umbrella is the only way to protect your child’s body during a stroll. You see, the normal canopy installed on the stroller leaves a large opening through which sunlight can travel. So, it is inadequate.

A baby umbrella is usually made of waterproof nylon fabric that absorbs solar radiation. It has a special mechanism for tilting and can be mounted almost anywhere on the stroller with an adapter.

Please remember, though, that some umbrellas are compatible only with specific pram models. For this reason, it is recommended to double-check that an umbrella is compatible with your stroller. Please contact us for any further technical explanations. We can help you choose the ideal stroller umbrella.