Baby Strollers

Baby carriages (also known as baby strollers, prams, baby pushchairs) are one of the most important purchases for new parents. Everyone wants to make sure that the stroller will be robust, easy to control, spacious and practical.

The truth is that all of these factors are very important. The good news is that there are more prams on the market than ever before. With some good planning you will surely find the perfect stroller for your baby.

Almost all infant strollers on the market are made of lightweight yet durable materials and have a mechanism to open and close. But that doesn’t mean they are all the same.

Various items for baby strollers according to your needs

If you have access to a large elevator or you a spacious trunk, it is a good idea to choose a standard baby pushchair, as they are more stable and offer better support to the child’s body. These two characteristics are very important for newborn babies. Also, a good standard stroller may accompany your child throughout the later stages of his/her life without having to be replaced.

For those needing a pram that can be easily carried even during trips, the lightweight ‘‘umbrella stroller’’ type is what you need. Beware, however, as these pushchairs do not offer as good support as the standard ones, and this can be a problem for newborns.

If you want something more than a simple stroller, invest in one of the so-called travel systems for baby pushchairs. With these systems a baby stroller can easily be transformed into a car seat or a carrycot.

Do you want your child to dive into adventure early on? Buy a 3-wheeled pushchair and roll comfortably across all types of terrain. And for those who need space for two, double strollers are ideal for a comfortable ride.