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BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size Car Seat Fresh Black Cab

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  • Combines safety and convenience! Kind + Jugend Innovation Award in the ”Kids Travel” category. The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size is the first seat in its class to comply with the new rigorous standards of UN R129-02 (i-Size Phase 2). It has unique and innovative features concerning safety and comfort.


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iZi Flex FIX i-Size Car Seat Fresh Black Cab


  • It has a guide with clasps between the legs, allowing the horizontal part of the belt to always stays on the hip. In this way it prevents the submarine effect, as well as any pressure on the abdominal parts of the child’s body.
  • In the diagonal section of the belt you will fand PAD+, a pad designed to protect the neck by reducing movement of the skull in the event of a frontal impact. It also acts as a chest protection pad.
  • Features a removable SIP+ accessory for even better lateral protection.
  • The headrest has EPS materials for better head protection.
  • The seat does not have armrests and thus any misplacement of the seat belt is avoided.


  • The side protection system of the seat is flexible, as the side “wings” are detachable. If you want to have 3 child seats or 2 child seats and one adult seat in the car, the inner “wing” can be detached so that all seats fit, one next to the other. The width of the middle seat without the “wings” is only 44 cm and at the same time the seating space for the child is large.
  • The headrest enables the child to look outside and at the same time have good head support when falling asleep.
  • The height can be adjusted on both sides while the child is seated.
  • Adaptable to the age of the child.
  • PAD+ makes the car seat softer.
  • Built-in handle for easy transport.


  • Approved according to the UN R129-02 standard
  • Child height: 100-150 cm
  • Seat weight: 7 kg
  • SIP-free seat width: 44 cm