Personal Data

During the use of  personal data of users may be collected (e.g. IP addresses, country, e-mail address, etc.). These personal data are used in accordance with Law 2372/97 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR, 2016/679), exclusively for providing personalized services and exporting statistics.

Personal data are not transmitted to third parties. However, they may be used only by us in the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics aims to track web traffic on the website and to extract useful statistics (e.g. demographics).

By using the website, users automatically give their consent to the storage and processing of their personal data by Bebe Home. However, they have the right to retrieve any information they have given us (access right no. 12 l. 2472/97 and no. 15 EU 2016/679) and to raise any objections to the processing of any data related to them (right no. 13 Law 2472/97 and 18 EU 2016/679). This right may be exerted through a written or oral request at or telephone number 2310 445515.

Please also note that Bebe Home does not store sensitive personal data regarding users’ financial transactions with it (eg credit/debit card numbers and CVCs).


Transactions Security

Bebe Home offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, one of the most trusted technologies used worldwide for the security of online transactions. Wherever personal information is required to enter the site, the site uses SSL technology to transfer your personal data to our server encrypted.

To make purchases through Bebe Home’s online store you use two passwords: the Login Code (E-mail Address) and the Personal Security Code (password). The Company’s online store enables you to change these passwords as often as you wish.

We recommend, for security reasons, to change your password from time to time and to avoid using the same passwords. Remember that the only person who has complete and free access to your information is you and you are solely responsible for maintaining their privacy and concealment from third parties.

In case of loss or revelation of these passwords, you should immediately inform our company. Otherwise Bebe Home’s online store cannot guarantee the protection of your data by an unauthorized person.


Transactions Confidentiality

It is self-evident that any transactions made through Bebe Home are confidential. What applies to classical transactions also applies to e-commerce. Any information transmitted to Bebe Home is of course confidential and the company has taken the necessary steps to use such information only when necessary in the context of the services it provides.

Note that only authorized employees can access your transaction information and only if this is necessary (e.g. to complete your order).

Our company never discloses customer or transaction details, except in cases of registered authorization by you or any decision (judicial opinion).

It is possible to request the information about you that is listed on our systems. You can also request that this information be processed should any error be found.



Bebe Home website uses cookies because without them it would be impossible for some of its core services to function. Order statuses, multiple user choices, storing items in the cart or a list, identifying and facilitating frequent users, and improving the content of the website are just some of them.

Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files stored on them, and are automatically deleted at any time you exit the site.

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