Feeding Products and Accessories for Babies
Food: Probably the most important condition for the healthy and normal development of every child. A whole niche industry has been set up around baby food and produces special furniture (e.g. feeding chairs), appliances (e.g. steamers) and, of course, the food products themselves.

Imagine baby food preparation as a process during which each step matters. Firstly, the food should be prepared with great care concerning hygiene and preservation of nutrients. Afterwards the child should consume the food with special bottles, glasses, plates or cutlery, which will be suitable for his/her small hands.

Baby milk (also known as infant formula) is another case. You will need to use a bottle with the proper shape and size for your child. If you want to breastfeed him/her, you may need special breast milk pumps or storage bags.

Finally, all utensils used by children must be disinfected with special sterilizers before next use.

At Bebe Home you can find 200+ appliances and baby food products that will make feeding an easy and… delicious process both for you and your child!