Baby Bottle Sterilizers


Baby Bottle Sterilizer

An electric sterilizer is used to completely eliminate germs from baby bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps. Its use is very important, especially during the first months of a child’s life, as this is when he/she is more susceptible to germs.

The shape of a baby bottle sterilizer is usually oval or round in order to hold multiple bottles at the same time. It usually has a transparent, curved lid that allows you to see through. Sterilization is done with natural steam, which kills 99.9% of germs.

Nowadays, many baby bottle sterilizers have removable baskets or storage compartments, and thus you can adapt them to the shape and size of the bottles you want to sterilize. Some even have a special basket to carry baby bottles straight from the dishwasher into the sterilizer.

You will find some of the most popular sterilizers at Bebe Home. Whether you like the classic Chicco sterilizer or the modern Philips Avent sterilizer, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Choose your new sterilizer now and offer the most safety possible to your baby.