How to Choose A Baby Bottle And A Pacifier

Pacifiers and baby bottles are perhaps the two objects with which a toddler is most closely associated. And this is logical, since their use resembles breastfeeding, the most natural activity for a newborn.

All new parents have to get used to baby bottle preparation: warming the milk, feeding, sterilizing the bottle and repeat! For this reason, they should pick a durable bottle that is big enough and easy to wash. They should also not let the child exaggerate: excessive milk or juice consumption can cause tooth decay. This phenomenon is called the ‘‘baby bottle syndrome’’.

When not eating, the baby sleeps or plays. This is where the pacifier comes in! Pacifiers should also not be used too much, as they can cause damage to the mouth structure of the baby. Parents should really pay attention to the size and sterilization of the pacifier. If the pacifier is too small the child may end up swallowing it. If it is not sterilized, germs will develop in his/her mouth.

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