Choose the right nipple for your baby bottle

The nipple of a baby bottle has an important role during feeding. That’s why we recommend buying a bottle with detachable nipples. In this way you can try many different until you find the one that best suits your child.

The key factors to keep in mind are the material and the size of the nipple. Silicone nipples make up the majority on the market. They are generally softer. You can also find latex nipples, though, which are more durable. In terms of size, there are small nipples (No1), which are typically used with babies up to 6 months old. Larger nipples (No2, No3) are used after the first six months.

Silicone nipples for baby bottles

No matter the material or size of the nipple, it is advisable to always check that it is orthodontic and that it blocks air from passing into the child’s mouth. Air blocking can prevent baby colic, which is often caused from excessive air swallowing.
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