Baby Bottles for Newborns And Toddlers

All new parents should get used to the so-called ‘‘baby bottle ritual’’: warming the milk, feeding the baby, sterilizing the bottle and repeat! If you want to make the ‘‘ritual’’ a pleasant activity for you and the baby, there a few factors to take into consideration.

The most important thing to look out for in a baby bottle is the nipple. Nipples are classified based on the baby’s age, with No 1 nipples being used for newborns and 2 or 3 for older babies. Attention should be paid to the nipple’s material too. Some nipples are made of latex, and are therefore more durable, and some others of silicone, that makes them softer. You may also consider buying a baby bottle that is suitable for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding baby bottles have a special design that resembles the breastfeeding process.

Then, it’s time to consider the material of the bottle itself. Glass makes the feeding process more natural but is much more fragile than plastic. On the other hand, plastic is more durable. Also, keep in mind that nowadays plastic baby bottles don’t contain any organic chemicals (e.g. BPA).

Bebe Home features a full range of baby bottles from branded companies. Here you can find the special anti-colic bottles from Dr. Brown’s, the Medela breastfeeding bottles and the Classic Chicco baby bottles.