Pacifiers for Breastfeeding Babies And Newborns

A pacifier is a truly favorite object for babies, because it resembles the natural process of breastfeeding. It can be used while sleeping, playing or going out for a walk. However, it can also cause problems during development of the oral cavity, if used too much. What can you do to avoid this? Buy a pacifier that fits your child’s mouth perfectly and make sure that he/she refrains from it once in a while.

One factor to keep in mind is the nipple material. The two main categories on the market are rubber/latex pacifiers and silicone pacifiers. Rubber pacifiers are elastic and more resistant to chewing. So, they are suitable for older babies who already have teeth. Unfortunately, however, they can easily be damaged by the heat and fat of the food. On the contrary, silicone pacifiers are more resistant to heat and food but they are torn apart more easily.

Ideally, you can buy a silicone nipple for the first months after birth, when the baby still has no teeth. Later on, you can replace it with a nipple made of latex.

High-quality Dr Brown’s and Chicco pacifiers

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