Feeding Chair

Baby feeding chairs are probably the third most important piece of furniture for your child, after baby beds and changing tables. This is where the baby will learn useful skills about food, such as drinking from a cup, holding the fork and keeping his/her body straight while eating. On a feeding chair the child will also have the chance to socialize by eating with the rest of the family.

A baby feeding chair should be comfortable and safe for the child and provide flexibility to parents. Safety is usually achieved via seat belts, non-slip chair legs and durable wheels with brake mechanisms. Every baby feeding chair on the market has at least some of these features.

The ideal baby feeding chair

Comfort is ensured by the ability to adjust the height of the chair. If you choose a high chair with many height positions, then you will be able to use it even when your child grows older. Moreover, it is advisable to buy a seat with an adjustable footrest, so that the child’s legs don’t hang down.

Finally, don’t underestimate your own convenience. Buy a high chair with a removable tray and cover that are easier to clean. If your house doesn’t have enough space, look for a folding, lightweight chair.

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