Baby Utensils

When a child is born, the entire kitchen of your house must be adapted. It’s not just the furniture that has to be replaced, but mainly the utensils (cutlery, dishes, glasses, etc.). Only in this way will the newborn learn the necessary skills about eating.

Fortunately there are thousands of “tools” in the market for your baby’s pleasant and safe feeding. From food thermoses and bowls to tiny cutlery and bibs, the list is endless.

All baby utensils are made of safe, non-toxic, soft materials (e.g. plastic, silicone) and comply with the strictest European or American safety standards. They usually have rounded edges to prevent injuries when the child eats on his/her own. They have non-slip handles to prevent spills. They can be easily washed in the dishwasher and usually have toys or beautiful designs attached to relax the child.

Bebe Home has over 110 unique products for feeding your baby. Make eating a fun experience for him/her and an easy process for you!