Bowls – Baby Feeding Sets

Baby bowls or feeding sets accompany your baby to hundreds of meals and teach him/her how to eat properly. But they can also become an extra burden for parents, who must clean and sterilize them thoroughly. For these reasons, it is advisable to choose products that will accommodate both you and the baby.

On the market you can find simple plates or bowls as well as complete feeding sets. Baby food sets include the necessary utensils for a full meal (plate, cup/glass, cutlery). They are ideal if you’re buying such equipment for the first time.

Fond of excursions with your child? Then, food containers are a perfect choice for you. They are airtight, well-made and often include accessories such as ice packs or travel cutlery. There are also practical, non-slip sets of tupperware or plastic bowls that your kids will love.

Do you have… an appetite for shopping? Bebe Home offers complete feeding sets or individual utensils in an endless variety of sizes, colors and designs. Place your order now.