Training Cups-Baby Water Bottles


Water Bottle And Training Cup

Just as a child learns how to eat, so must he/she learn how to drink. For this reason, it would be a good idea to buy a training cup or a baby water bottle.

Baby water bottles and cups are designed for safe and easy use. They can usually be washed both in the sink and the dishwasher. All of them have special handles and anti-slip bases that you won’t find in a classic ‘‘thermos’’ bottle. Their spout is extra soft so as not to injure the sensitive baby teeth. They are made of completely safe materials.

2-in-1 water bottles have proved to be extremely successful. They are actually plastic or stainless steel bottles with two separate spouts. In these models you can find a second bottle incorporated into the main one. So, you can store two different kinds of liquid (e.g. water and juice) in the same bottle and let the child choose what to drink.

At this department of the Bebe Home e-shop there are over 30 unique branded products, ready to teach your child how to consume liquid properly. Whether you want a simple water bottle or a training cup, you will find the right product for you and your child here.