Breast Pads-Breast Milk Storage Bags


Breast Pads

If you are a breastfeeding mother, breast pads are a very effective way to keep your breast skin dry and sterile. They are used to stop milk from leaking when not feeding your child. They are usually necessary during the first weeks of breastfeeding, when the body of many women has not yet adapted to the baby’s needs and continues to produce milk even when the baby is not being fed.

Remember that milk leftovers can cause bacteria growth on your breast or even stain your clothes. All these won’t be a problem with breast pads.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Of course, instead of cleaning milk leftovers with the pads, you can always save them for later. On the market you will also find useful special bags for storing breast milk. These breast milk storage bags can be put in the fridge or the freezer and keep your milk fresh for days or even months.

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