Breast Pumps


Medela Breast Pump

Breast pumps are an important piece of equipment for all new mothers who choose breastfeeding. They are devices that absorb and store breast milk. They are used if the mother needs to leave home (e.g. because she returned to work) and can’t breastfeed whenever she wants anymore.

Although in no way can a breast pump replace the natural process, these devices have several advantages. In addition to providing greater flexibility to the mother’s schedule, they also increase breast milk production.

All breast pumps are mainly classified based on how they work. On the one hand we have the electric breast pump, which is intended for everyday use and absorbs much milk. On the other hand we have the manual breast pump, which is intended for a more casual use. A third, distinct category are large professional breast pumps, that are usually available for rent only.

Bebe Home is one of Medela’s official Greek dealers. Medela is a renowned Swiss company specialized in breastfeeding and healthcare. At our store you can find the awarded Medela Swing electric breast pump, as well as the Medela Harmony manual breast pump. Order them now and take advantage of the variety of payment methods we offer you. Make breastfeeding an easy and flexible process!