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Saint Clair 5-Piece Bedding Set Teddy Sky

Saint Clair 5-Piece Bedding Set Teddy Sky

Discover the cute teddy bear in Saint Clair’s linen and play with it.


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Saint Clair 5-Piece Bedding Set Teddy Sky

Teddy Sky 5-piece bedding set in white cotton fabric with a lovely sea blue striped perimeter and an appliqué pattern.

The cute beige teddy bear and the embroidered name of Saint Clair decorate the 100×140 duvet.

At the same time, the 30×40 pillowcase is decorated with the striped sea blue perimeter only.

The 190×40 cot bumper covers your crib in pastel colors and protects your child.

Choose the Teddy Set and offer a pleasant sleep to your child in cool, high-quality cotton fabrics made by Saint Clair’s.

The baby bedding set consists of: Duvet and Duvet Cover 100×140, Pillow and Pillowcase 30×40, Cot bumper 190×40.

The Teddy Pink design is also available in Saint Clair’s curtain.

100% Cotton