Stokke Products

Founded in 1932, the Norwegian company ‘‘Stokke’’ remains a leader in the design of high-quality baby products.

Initially, the company focused on adult furniture with a high level of safety and ergonomics. But they soon decided to focus on those who needed more safety and comfort than anyone else: children. So it happened.

Now thousands of furniture pieces and baby products come out of the company’s factories. Their catalogue includes baby strollers, a baby pillow with many designs, feeding chairs, cots for toddlers, bathtubs for babies and other accessories. The Xplory strollers, launched in 2003, are among the most successful and best-quality products ever created. That’s why they are chosen by thousands of happy parents around the world. The same applies to the Stokke Trailz, My Carrier and Scoot baby pram series of the same company.

The functionality of Stokke is not restricted to strollers only. The Steps and the Tripp Trapp series include feeding chairs for children with increased durability. The Bouncer and the Home Bed or Sleepi Bed series of beds for children offer a nice sleeping experience to all babies. Flexi Bath bathtubs make their everyday bath a game.

Bebe Home is an authorized partner of Stokke Greece. So, you can rest assured that any Stokke product bought from our store will be authentic and of high quality. Enjoy your shopping!