Stokke Bouncer


Stokke Bouncer

Relaxation and proper sleep are vital for your baby. That’s why you should invest in a comfortable and ergonomic bouncer such as these found in the Stokke Bouncer series. In this way you can ensure a pleasant nap for your precious one wherever you are.

Stokke is a Norwegian company that is synonymous with comfort and ergonomics. The Stokke Bouncer Series offers a unique rocking feeling to the child. It is scientifically designed to resemble the mother’s lullaby. This is achieved by a special mechanism that allows the bouncers of the series to move both back and forth and up and down at the same time.

In addition, all Stokke Bouncer products feature a special supplement for newborns that protects their spine, as well as a hook for hanging toys. They fold easily to save space. They are also fully compatible with the Stokke Steps high chairs. So, you can have your baby close to you at dinner long before he/she learns how to sit on a normal chair.

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