Stokke Nursery

It is very important for children of all ages to have their own room. In this way they can feel truly free and undertake many responsibilities. Especially during infancy, the room is a small kingdom where the personality and skills of the child develop rapidly. The Stokke Nursery series wants to make your child’s sleep and activities as enjoyable as possible.

At the same time, it wants to make tidying up as easy as possible for you.

Stokke offers two series of children/baby furniture: Home Bed and Sleepi Bed. In the first one you shall find a complete set of furniture for the child’s room. In the second one you can find an innovative oval bed that, as the company claims, “grows up along with your child”.

We invite you to see the 50+ products we offer and choose the one that will satisfy you best. The rest can be done by us! In just a few days upon your order you will have the opportunity to bring some… fresh air into your child’s room.