Stokke Home Bed


Stokke Home Bed

With the Home Bed series Stokke wants to make every child feel his/her room as a personal refuge. Furniture, of course, are very important for this. A comfortable bed with a nice mattress or a soft changing table will make him/her relax and feel safe.

Do you want to offer your baby such a refuge? Then, the Stokke Home Bed furniture will excite you with its ergonomic design, durability and Scandinavian style.

The basic furniture of the series is a wooden baby bed in the shape of a house. After the age of 5, this house can be converted into a sofa or a playroom.

The set is complemented by a chest of drawers, that can also be placed on the side of the bed, a soft lingering crib and a changing table that matches with the rest of the furniture. The compatibility of the furniture will help you save valuable space for your child’s in-room activities.

But the products catalogue of Stokke Home Bed doesn’t end here, as you can choose one of the official accessories (sleeping bags, protective bars, etc.) that we recommend. With Bebe Home, official dealer of Stokke Greece, you can be assured of the high quality and authenticity of all these products.