Stokke Seating

Long before becoming one of the largest Norwegian companies in the baby products market, Stokke used to build bus seats. It’s not strange, then, that the very first pieces of baby furniture they launched were also seats. They were baby feeding high chairs, namely the Stokke Seating series.

Today, Stokke offers two different series of feeding chairs for babies: the Stokke Steps series and the Stokke Tripp Trapp series. The Steps series is primarily intended for parents who want a feeding chair compatible with a baby bouncer. The Tripp Trapp Series, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want a high chair that will accompany the child several years after his/her birth.

Despite the differences in dimensions and designs, all Stokke feeding chairs share the same philosophy: non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, durability, easy fit and resistance to stains.

We promise that feeding will become a joyful activity for your baby and a very easy process for you with a Stokke high chair. Browse our online store and see all the 65+ products that we offer you. Enjoy your shopping!