Stokke Steps

One of the main features of Stokke baby products is flexibility. A primary aim of this Norwegian company is compatibility between many different products and the Stokke Steps series is no exception.

Each Stokke Steps feeding chair is compatible with the Stokke Bouncer baby bouncers. In this way you can bring the baby near the table before he/she learns how to sit on a normal chair. Accessories specially designed for toddlers are also available in this series, if you want to make the high chair even safer.

During the next phase —or step— of your child’s life, you can leave the bouncer and its accessories aside and use Stokke Steps as a simple dining chair. The curved position is comfortable and ergonomic, the footrest can be easily adjusted by the child himself/herself, while the solid beechwood construction provides great durability and weight.

Bebe Home offers the complete Stokke Steps series, along with all the official accessories (pillows, dish, etc.). Dinner is a small ritual for every family. Don’t let your child out of it.