Stokke Tripp-Trapp

Stokke Tripp-Trapp is Stokke’s oldest series of baby furniture. The first piece of the series was the historic high chair for children designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972. Thousands of other feeding seats have been based on the characteristics of this particular product.

Stokke Tripp-Trapp high chairs can make feeding a pleasant little ritual for both parents and children. The siting surface, the back and the footrest are fully adjustable both concerning the height and the depth. The inclined body of the chair allows you to bring it very close to the table. It is made of extra-durable beech tree and is available in many colors. It can be easily cleaned from food stains and is painted with non-toxic, water-soluble dye.

Such a timeless baby feeding chair is anything but sticking to the past. In recent years, Stokke has released dozens of accessories and extras for it. These extras include safety belts, pillows and infant accessories for use by newborn babies.

All this and more can be found at Bebe Home, a certified dealer of Stokke Greece. Be sure to find the food seat that will accompany your child for many years.