Stokke Trailz

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Stokke Trailz

The Stokke Trailz series is ideal for those who want baby pushchairs with the most flexibility possible. If you want to initiate your baby into adventure and nature early on, you don’t have to look elsewhere.

A Stokke Trailz pram provides what that all products coming out of this company’s factories have: durability, attractive design, great customization capabilities. It offers five different options for the inclination and the direction of the baby’s basket. Its canopy is made of waterproof yet cooling materials, ensuring ideal conditions for your little one. Additionally, the pram is compatible with carrycots and baby car seats of the same company.

However, the most important advantage of Stokke Trailz prams is the wheels. All models in this series feature fully rotating front wheels with powerful locking. You can also choose between two types of wheels: classic and all-weather. All-weather wheels will allow you to take the baby to places that many other strollers can’t, such as beaches, rocky terrain, gravel or mud.

An unexplored world full of interesting things awaits you and your child! Don’t let the stroller stop you! Buy a Stokke Trailz from Bebe Home now and take advantage of our quick shipping and the reliability of our shop.