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Stokke Mycarrier Front BaBy Carrier Red

Stokke Mycarrier Front Baby Carrier Red.


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Stokke Mycarrier Front Baby Carrier Red

Take the long way back home with Stokke® MyCarrier ™! Stokke® MyCarrier ™ has been designed and built carefully and ergonomically to suit mums and dads of all sizes as their children grow up.

Fully customizable for proper weight distribution with soft cotton seat inserts that make body movement comfortable both for parents and children.

Stokke® MyCarrier ™ has been created with proper positioning and healhy growth of the baby in mind. When facing you, the baby’s open legs embrace your back. But, he/she is supported properly while looking ahead as well.

Regardless of how you move, your child is safe and comfortable. When sitting at the back, your child can explore and enjoy a panoramic view of the world. The child sits high on your back and can easily look and explore.