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Stokke® Stroller Winter Kit Onyx Black

  • Keeps your child warm.

    • The child’s body adjusts its temperature to a different rate than ours. In winter, children need extra protection from low temperatures and frosty air. Give your child the chance to enjoy the beauty of winter comfortably and safely. The canopy with extra insulation and the extra cover for thunderstorms will protect your little one from the harsh winter winds. The sheepskin on the canopy visor will be soft on your child’s skin and the gloves on the handlebar will also make the ride a pleasure for you too.


In stock


Onyx Black Winter Kit

  • Includes:

    • Canopy with removable visor made of sheepskin.
    • Cover for the back of the seat.
    • Front apron cover
    • Gloves for the handlebar made of sheepskin.
    • Cleansing brush for the sheepskin. Matches Stokke Xplory, Stokke Crusi and Stokke Trailz strollers.


    • The fabrics must be washed separately!
    • Remove the inner pillow before washing.
    • The canopy and the visor can be washed only by hand. Remove the visor and the busk of the canopy before washing.
    • Interior fabrics, back fabrics and belt protectors can be washed in the washing machine at 40o C.
    • The safety bar cover can be washed at 30o C.
    • The shopping bag and the makeup bag can only be cleaned locally. Make sure you remove any moisture before using them again.
    • Refer to the user manual for further instructions.