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Zazu – Bibi Bunny Plush Toy With White Sounds

It relaxes and calms your baby with the sound of your heartbeat.

Zazu toys can mimic your heartbeat’s sound, offering a perfect solution for calming down your newborn baby. The sound of your heart, the sound of a waterfall, and 4 tunes that relax and calm the baby are available.


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Zazu – Bibi Bunny plush toy with White Sounds

With White Noise Device, a sensor that activates the device when the baby cries & amp; 4 Ringtones !!!

⭐ Music Plush Toy

Dex the dog, Liz the sheep and Don the donkey play sounds and melodies. They include 7 different sounds, including the mother’s heartbeat, nature sounds and other lullaby melodies.

⭐ Audio Sensor

The sound sensor activates the melodies every time the baby wakes up or cries, so you can be sure that your precious one will remain one by listening to beautiful tunes.

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⭐ Removable Device

The built-in player and sound sensor can be detached from the body of the toy so that you can wash it when necessary.

Thanks to its special design you can use the device on the swing or in the stroller when traveling or having a stroll.

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⭐ Activate by shaking

You don’t have to manually turn on the music as Zazu’s luminous musical toy begins to play the last song you selected by simply juggling the doll.

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⭐ Volume Adjustment

Thanks to the built-in capabilities of the device you can adjust the volume to the desired level by simply pressing the (+) and (-) volume indicators.

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⭐ Timer

The lullaby music toy automatically switches off after 10 minutes of white noise and melodies.

Works with 3 x AAA batteries
(not included.)

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