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Zazu – Zoe Penguin With Bluetooth/USB/Lights

It will give babies sweet dreams & amp; companionship during walks.

Made to be with you and the baby when you’re out. It can help even the most anxious babies sleep.


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Zazu – Zoe Penguin Plush Toy With White Noise And Bluetooth/USB/Flashlight


  • White Sounds, Heartbeat, Mummy voice Recording, Music & Light… Anywhere
  • It plays heartbeat sounds, white noise, nature sounds, mummy’s voice (recorded), soft music and 3 traditional lullabies. It even features a night light which you can carry… wherever your baby is.
  • It’s also a Bluetooth music speaker that you can load with fairytales, classical music, your voice, baby songs from any source you want. So, your baby can hear an endless variety of sounds as he/she grows up.
  • The night light (on the penguin’s head) features 2 intensity levels: strong and soft.
  • Music, sounds, or lights turn off automatically after 20 minutes.
  • Turns on automatically when detecting voice or crying. The light comes on as soon as your baby wakes up.
  • It has a special scratch surface so that you can hang it anywhere: on the stroller, on the crib, on the cradle, in the car, on the feeding chair… anywhere.
  • You can charge it with the included USB cable.
  • * Age: 0 m +